Celebrating 10 years of growth, dedication, and exceeding customer expectations.

Founder's Note

Ten years ago, I hit the road with a dream and a single truck. Back then, it was us few doing it all. We drove, fixed the rigs, planned the routes, the whole deal. We hustled. We sweated. We learned the business from the ground up, every greasy bolt and late-night repair.  But the miles added up, and so did the team.

Today, JoyRide is a whole different story! We’ve got over 200 trucks rolling across 6 states, working with the biggest names in the business.But one thing remains the same – the people. We still believe in hiring the best and treating them like family.

Back in the day, we juggled every task. Now, we’ve got dedicated departments for dispatch, maintenance, safety, and operations – a well-oiled machine thanks to the dedication of everyone on board.

We’re always moving forward. This year, we’re adding our first electric truck and expanding into 4 new states! From that single rig to a powerhouse fleet, it’s been an amazing ride.

Here’s to ten years of asphalt, achievement, and the miles to come! Thanks to every driver, employee, and the entire JoyRide family who made this possible. We’re just getting’ warmed up’ for the next decade to come!




  • Kemal joined as VP Operations
  • Expansion to new states
  • First 100 trucks
  • New departments opened
  • First big client – Amazon?
  • Amazon Most Value Partner award




  • Smartway, WBENC, DRP
  • 10 years, first electric truck, goals for future, plans, expansions, etc


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Back office

Thank You For Trusting Us

A decade of success wouldn’t be possible without you!

We at JoyRide Logistics are incredibly grateful for the trust and support you’ve shown us throughout our journey. From our early days with a single truck to our current fleet spanning 6 states, your partnership has been instrumental in every milestone achieved.

Thank you for choosing JoyRide. Here’s to many more miles of collaboration and shared success!

John Doe
Senior Logistics Manager, Amazon
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"For years, JoyRide Logistics has been a reliable and trusted partner in our supply chain. Their commitment to on-time delivery and efficient operations has been instrumental in our success. We are thrilled to celebrate their 10th anniversary and look forward to many more years of collaboration."
Jane Smith
Director of Carrier Relations, UPS
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"In the fast-paced world of logistics, reliable partners are essential. JoyRide Logistics consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic, a dedication to safety, and a commitment to exceeding expectations. We congratulate them on reaching this milestone and value their contribution to the industry."
Gabe Dee
President, Select Carriers
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"JoyRide’s dedication to providing a reliable and high-quality service has been instrumental in matching their carrier capabilities with the needs of our shipper network. Their commitment to building strong relationships and fostering open communication has contributed significantly to the success of our collaborations. We congratulate them on reaching this milestone and look forward to many more years of working together."

Celebrating Our JoyRide Family

10 years! What a journey it’s been. We rolled out with a single truck, fueled by hard work and a shared vision. Today, JoyRide is a powerhouse and YOU are its engine. 

To our drivers: You’re the ones who keep the wheels rolling, the heart of the JoyRide operation.

To our back office: Your dedication in every role, from dispatch to administration, is what makes JoyRide truly strong and is a backbone of our success.  

Thank you for being part of the JoyRide family