Elite Driver of the Year Award Goes to Steven Williams!

Elite Driver of the Year Award Goes to Steven Williams!

“This was a dream job for a driver like me. It still is.”

Steven Williams

Steven’s dedication, professionalism, and exceptional performance have truly set him apart from all of the excellent drivers at JoyRide.

Coming in as an innovation out of our safety team, the Driver Retention Program (DRP) has produced great results for JoyRide Logistics and has enabled dozens of drivers to gain recognition for the work and effort they put into their jobs. The tough days, long trips and extra effort have all been adequately rewarded and many drivers were given a chance to improve, grow, and advance in their careers.

In 2023, no drivers have stood out more than Steven Williams – the recipient of the inaugural Elite Driver of the Year Award at JoyRide Logistics on behalf of the President of the Company, Adis Danan. Steven’s dedication, professionalism, and exceptional performance have truly set him apart with a consistently high DRP score since the project’s inception.

Upon reaching out to Steven to let him know about the award, we took the opportunity to have a conversation with him and learn more about his journey at JoyRide.

Steven, how does it feel to receive this award?

I’m excited! Adis (President of JoyRide) always expected quality work from me and so I’ve never wanted to disappoint him. I appreciate the recognition.

Can you share some insights into your journey at JoyRide Logistics?

“I started in 2020 when JoyRide was a small company yet it operated like a large one.” 

Related to the company culture, Steven continues: “Drivers were taken care of, trucks were maintained, and the pay was always right and on time. This was a dream job for a driver like me. It still is.”

Safety is a top priority for us at JoyRide. How do you contribute to our safety culture on the road?

“Safety first” is my motto. I make sure I get sufficient sleep before a run. I always start out early, never rushing or driving recklessly. I pre-trip and post-trip religiously. I notify dispatch about any concerns I have about my truck.

It was exactly the extreme attentiveness and appreciation for details that put Steven at the top of the list for the DRP award at JoyRide. He has brought forth all of the core values that JoyRide embodies and is adamant about presenting the company and the clients in the best light possible.

Winning this award must be a significant achievement. What do you think sets you apart as an elite driver?

My years of driving experience, my professionalism. I drive like this is my own business and I keep rolling. I’m told that I can be counted on and that I’m a problem-solver. 

Can you share a challenging situation you’ve faced while driving and how you handled it?

A trailer I was assigned had been reported as stolen to authorities.

Of course, I didn’t know this. I was pulled over by several police officers. In shock, I maintained my composure, immediately called Dispatch, cooperated with the officers, calmly and confidently walked them through my ELD and Relay App where the trailer number was listed.

Adis called me to make sure I was alright and emotionally stable to continue the run. This never happens, you know, where the owner reaches out in the middle of the night. I completed the run safely and on time.

When asked about future goals at JoyRide Logistics, Steven was very open in discussing his ideas for progressing further personally, mentioning spending more time in operations and exploring driver training as potential avenues for his personal development at JoyRide. He stated that his knowledge of the industry and his experience as a driver would be a great base to contribute to the company in these areas.

Lastly, turning the attention to other drivers and specific advice he would give to them, Steven has had some clear points to highlight for anyone thinking of becoming a truck driver:

Find a good company to drive for, drive like it’s your own business, and always keep order and safety top of mind.

From all of us at JoyRide Logistics, we congratulate Steven Williams on his achievement at the company and look forward to seeing him progress further at JoyRide. This award also serves as a testament to the environment we want to build at JoyRide – an environment where the best drivers come to work and get adequately rewarded for the effort they put in.

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