JoyRide Logistics is Amazon’s Most Valuable Carrier for 2022!

JoyRide Logistics is Amazon’s Most Valuable Carrier for 2022!

Amazon RelayCon 2022 is the celebration of our partnership with Amazon and features content focused on doing business with them. President of JoyRide Logistics, Adis Danan, and VP of Business Development at Joyride Logistics, Kemal Balihožić, were speakers at the Amazon RelayCon and Amazon FASTforward 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

We are happy and honored to announce that JoyRide Logistics won an award for Amazon’s Most Valuable Carrier.

Adis Danan and Kemal Balihodžić shared their thoughts and excitement upon receiving the award.

Adis Danan:“ So delighted to be a part of this great conference and had the opportunity to speak and connect with so many amazing and successful people. We’re honored to be recognized by Amazon and we’re even more proud of the work we do to make sure to provide you with the service you deserve. This award will serve as a stimulus for us to be an even better, faster, and more reliable carrier for Amazon and all other companies we work with.“

Kemal Balihodžić: “It was such an honor to attend the conference, but we are even more thrilled to have been recognized by Amazon in this way. We are proud of the work we did so far and remain dedicated towards expanding the business moving forward as we explore different options and get to the other goals we have set for ourselves.“

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