Women at Joyride Logistics: How Far We’ve Come

Women at Joyride Logistics: How Far We’ve Come

We have been in this industry for nearly a decade, originating as a one-truck operation almost a decade ago, JoyRide Logistics has grown into a 250+ truck organization that serves some of the largest shippers and supply chain companies in the United States.

During this time, we have had the privilege of working alongside an incredibly talented, diverse group of colleagues – many of them women! We are extremely proud of the fact that JoyRide has a female majority amongst our senior leadership and that we employ some of the best and brightest across our global operations.

The Ones Who Stand Out

Female professionals at our company are changing the way transportation is perceived. Our Chairwoman of the Board, Vildana Danan, is leading our company with the goal of establishing JoyRide Logistics as a world-class, customer-focused business.

Alongside her, Joyce Davis Brezina, Head of Safety and Compliance, is a woman who has been at the forefront of our safety department – with over 50 years of experience in the industry she has been taking charge of reforming the industry in its own way, and continues to make strides in developing safer practices throughout our company.

It takes a certain drive and determination to succeed in this industry, especially for women who have historically had to work harder than most of their male counterparts. If you are looking for assistance with your next load, the woman you speak with will be happy to help you out with all the necessary information regarding your shipment. That being said, operation champions at Joyride are also female-led: Anya Canak Macan – Director of Operations; Merima Ademovic – Dispatch Team Leader, and Mevla Basic – Shift Manager.

Our Mission At The Forefront

Our mission is to provide premium service to our customers, maintain the highest quality standards for ourselves and the clients we serve, and deliver the best customer service in the industry – in that aspect, we are all united as one.

We ensure that the equipment and facilities are maintained in an efficient manner with minimal impact on daily operations by letting our Head of Maintenance, Ena Madun, take over the entire process, start to finish. She’s been a crucial part of our company for years now and has established herself as someone who displays remarkable dedication and attention to detail – something many of our clients have appreciated her for.

What We’re All About

Our team of talented people works hard to achieve success at JoyRide, knowing that challenges are there to be faced and overcome. In the coming years, we are sure of facing even more challenges, but collectively choose to see them as opportunities for further growth.

Regardless of what challenge or opportunity presents itself, I can say with full confidence that this group is always ready to come together, share its expertise, and take on the world. We’re excited about what the future holds and continue to support everyone who drives their career forward through ours.

The incredible female staff at JoyRide, who make up 70% of the team, strive to place the company at the apex of the transportation industry. With dedication and passion, they work tirelessly day and night to make this dream a reality.

If you’re looking for a place where you can learn, grow, challenge yourself and make an impact – then JoyRide might be the place for you!

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