JoyRide Logistics: Ensuring Safety Measures for June 2023

Welcome to JoyRide Logistics’ inaugural safety blog for June 2023. The safety squad – Joyce, Elvir, Don, Mo, Alma, Selma, Anela & Aida – is dedicated to securing your journey. Despite June’s challenges, the team effectively addressed our CSA scores, driver speeding, and overall improvement strategies for JoyRide. Key Safety Measures May 31 saw the […]

Charting New Roads with JoyRide’s Driver Recognition Program (DRP)

At JoyRide Logistics, our truck drivers are the lifeblood of our operations. Recognizing the fundamental role they play in delivering success, we are thrilled to announce the implementation of the Driver Recognition Program (DRP), a dedicated initiative aimed at appreciating, supporting, and empowering our drivers. The DRP is an embodiment of our commitment to our […]

Defensive Driving in Trucking: A Roadmap to Safety

When we consider work-related safety hazards, our minds often gravitate towards the dangers lurking within the workplace. However, one of the most significant threats to our safety is not confined to the office or factory but lies on the open road. Every 18 seconds, someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, with over 2 […]