JoyRide Logistics: Ensuring Safety Measures for June 2023

JoyRide Logistics: Ensuring Safety Measures for June 2023

Welcome to JoyRide Logistics’ inaugural safety blog for June 2023. The safety squad – Joyce, Elvir, Don, Mo, Alma, Selma, Anela & Aida – is dedicated to securing your journey. Despite June’s challenges, the team effectively addressed our CSA scores, driver speeding, and overall improvement strategies for JoyRide.

Key Safety Measures

May 31 saw the stringent rule of immediate termination on receiving a speeding ticket. We’re proud to announce a ticket-free June and encourage the same vigilance in July.

We monitor speeding through our Samsara Reports and offer courtesy calls to speeding drivers. Remember, adhere to speed limits, respect traffic signals, exercise caution on turns, and strictly avoid U-turns.

Courtesy calls will be given to any driver speeding from our Samsara Reports we receive.

Speeding:   Please follow the posted speed limit signs in all States.

Red Lights:  Please do not run yellow or red lights.

Right Turns:  STOP !! then proceed, no rolling stops. 

Left turns:  Please exercise extreme caution and not turn in front of cars without proper distances.

Company Policy –  NO U TURNS!!!

Remember, only hands-free or Bluetooth for cell phone usage while driving.

Master the art of safe lifting techniques, proper entries/exits from your truck, and ensure safety while opening trailer doors to prevent injuries.

Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections

Follow correct procedures for pre and post-trip inspections and logging trailer information on your ELD. Our safety team is here to assist when needed.

Maintain safe distances and manage speed responsibly. Please adhere to DOT regulations and JoyRide’s policy prohibiting alcohol on the truck.

Follow all rules on Amazon facilities, especially speed zones.

CDL LEGAL Program and Bonus Program

We’ve launched the CDL LEGAL program to assist with citations and legal matters at a weekly fee of $7.92, payable through payroll deduction. July also heralds the driver retention program (DRP) bonus program. Watch out for ways to augment your paycheck by working diligently.

Prepare for Operation Safe Driver Week (July 9-15) focusing on speed control, and the CVSA Brake Safety Check Week (August 20-26).

Report incidents or accidents immediately to Safety Director Joyce Brezina.

Referral Bonuses and Safety Suggestions

Avail our referral bonus on successful driver referrals to JoyRide. We’re open to safety suggestions that help us improve and have different shift members available to assist with ELD, inspections, and safety queries.

DOT Inspection Guidelines

During a DOT inspection, remember to unbuckle your seatbelt only when instructed. Seatbelt violations can attract warnings or citations, negatively impacting your CDL and Company scores.

Thank you, be Safe and enjoy JoyRide.

Best Regards,

Your Safety Team

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