Empowering Women in Trucking: JoyRide Logistics Celebrates its WBENC Certification

WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) certification is the most widely recognized and respected national certification for women-owned businesses in the U.S. Vildana Danan, chairwoman of JoyRide Logistics, LLC, marked the milestone as “Empowering” after JoyRide has received its WBENC certification. Interestingly enough,  it was Vildana who sparked the idea with the unique and now […]

Women at Joyride Logistics: How Far We’ve Come

We have been in this industry for nearly a decade, originating as a one-truck operation almost a decade ago, JoyRide Logistics has grown into a 250+ truck organization that serves some of the largest shippers and supply chain companies in the United States. During this time, we have had the privilege of working alongside an […]

JoyRide Logistics is Amazon’s Most Valuable Carrier for 2022!

Amazon RelayCon 2022 is the celebration of our partnership with Amazon and features content focused on doing business with them. President of JoyRide Logistics, Adis Danan, and VP of Business Development at Joyride Logistics, Kemal Balihožić, were speakers at the Amazon RelayCon and Amazon FASTforward 2022 in Orlando, Florida. We are happy and honored to […]

Tips for Effective Logistics Management

Your logistics strategy will need to be more efficient as it grows in complexity. If many different supplies must be delivered to a certain area at various times, your supply chain must not only be effective but also able to react swiftly to issues as they arise. This gets more challenging as your organization grows, […]

Develop A Remarkable Shipping Carrier Brand

It is already well known that the logistics and transportation industry in the U.S. is extremely competitive. Building a strong brand is crucial for a shipping firm to stay relevant in a sector that is evolving swiftly. But it’s important to go beyond the logo, tagline, and color scheme while accomplishing this. While these elements […]

Advantages of choosing career path in transportation

One could argue that a fulfilling career is found at the intersection of four factors: a passion for the position you hold; technical competence to carry out your responsibilities; freedom to express your creativity, skills, and values; and the conviction that your work matters, having an impact on the organization as a whole and the […]

Supply Chain Visibility: What Is It & Why Isn’t It Enough?

We hear a lot about supply chain visibility and how manufacturers are committed to improving it, but what does it mean and will it bring desired end goal? Supply chain visibility Supply chain visibility is knowing where is your freight at any point of transit from manufacturer to final destination. It also means tracing parts […]

Transportation and Logistics Trends

Supply chain disruptions have brought about an age of innovation. From a transportation standpoint, this has included major technological advancements. Covid-19 brought massive change to every industry around the globe, likewise for transportation, as people stayed at home to help reduce the spread of the virus, demand for delivery and convenience sky-rocketed. To boost efficiency […]

Freight Can Be Costly, Here Are 8 Ways You Can Lower Freight Costs

Freight charges make up a sizable portion of your business expenses if you transport commodities. You may save costs by selecting the most cost-effective mode of transportation for your business, comprehending how cargo is transported through the supply chain, and increasing supply-chain visibility. Don’t categorize every shipment as urgent Whether you’re shipping internationally or nationally, […]

Drop Trailer Services-What Do You Need To Know About It

Transportation is unpredictable. Budgets get overspent, deadlines are missed, and partnerships are pushed to the test. You need a solution to assist you to achieve deadlines since you are lagging on your loading times. You should take every effort to ensure that your supply chain operates according to schedule, and you intend to do exactly […]